#GODSAVESHAROVA Anna Sharova is a cosmetic chemical technologist, founder, and a co-owner of ANNA SHAROVA, the Russian cruelty-free brand offering face, body, and hair care products. She is also an author of beauty-centered online training courses and marathons and a guest speaker at sector-specific forums and specialized exhibitions. Anna was born on January 24, 1986, in the city of Kirovo-Chepetsk (Russia); in 2003, she graduated from high school with honors; later, she received a degree in chemistry at the Vyatka State Humanitarian University. When she was in the 7th grade, Anna decided to devote herself to chemistry and has followed her choice with full commitment. Showing her ambitious, purposeful, and charismatic personality, Anna realized early on that her mission is to make people look and feel beautiful. Thanks to her professional passion, expertise, and subsequently, her first beauty products released under the ANNA SHAROVA brand, Anna has won the love and loyalty of the customers and recognition on the market. Today, the portfolio of the company, where Anna Sharova is the director-general, includes 50 face, body, and hair care products. Several years of work resulted in a solid foundation made for the cosmetic empire, which is designed to be built by its ideologist. In her day-to-day work, Anna relies on the Technical Regulations of the Customs Union On the Safety of Perfumery and Cosmetic Products. She knows exactly which components are allowed, which are restricted, and which are completely prohibited; what compositions and formulas are more efficient, which advertising promises you should trust, and which statements you should avoid; what industry trends to follow, and how to teach shoppers to choose only efficient beauty products. As part of her educational projects A Chance for a New Face and Anna Sharova's Beauty Lounge, Anna teaches her audience to identify specific ingredients and their functionality in beauty products. She also gives tips on how to choose skin and hair care products on her social media accounts on Instagram and TikTok, as well as on her YouTube channel. “I am not a cosmetologist or a salesperson, so I’m not going to prescribe any treatment, advertise or discredit any cosmetic brands. I'm not a couch blogger. I’m specially educated and have many years of experience, so I honestly talk about cosmetic products and their composition, providing scientific reasoning, proven data, and strong arguments,” says Anna Sharova. In Anna's ideal world, everything is simple: each product manufactured under the ANNA SHAROVA brand makes every one person more beautiful and happier.