Return Policy

If you find defects in the quality of the goods purchased in the online store, you can send your request for replacement or refund 

By email to

By mail to SharovaPro LLC head office: 8/2 Krasnoarmeyskaya Street, Apt. 17, Kirovo-Chepetsk, Kirov region, 613040

The request shall contain the following information in a legible form: Buyer’s full name, date of birth, ID data (series, number, issued by whom and when, subdivision code), registration address, contact phone number and/or email address, order number, description of the shortcomings of the purchased goods in the online store, bank details for issuing a refund (settlement account, BIK (Russian Central Bank Identifier Code) of the bank, the correspondent account of the bank), the Buyer’s demands to the Seller, the Buyer’s signature, and the date of the appeal.

The demand shall be provided as an original document. Alongside the demand, the Buyer shall provide at least two (2) images of the goods containing defects (photos or scanned copies in JPG, JPEG, GIF, PNG, TIF, TIFF with a resolution of at least 100 DPI, max physical size 5 Mb).

The moment the Seller receives a duly executed demand with the images of the goods (as described above) by email (message on the delivery of the item to the addressee) or by regular mail (mark on the return receipt) shall be considered the time of receipt of the Buyer’s demand.

Upon receipt of the demand, the Seller shall consider the Buyer’s appeal and inform the Buyer about the decision within ten (10) business days. If necessary, the Seller shall have the right to examine the quality of the goods for which the demand is filed by the Buyer.

If the Seller issues a refund for the defective goods, the Buyer shall return the goods for which the demand was filed to the Seller.  

Poor quality goods will be replaced with new, that is, unused goods.