How to place an order

1. You can make a purchase as a registered user or without registering. If your profile contains personal data and address, this information will be applied at checkout with the option to change it if necessary.

2. Add the product to the "Cart".

Select a product and click the "Add to cart" button next to each of the selecred items. If a product is not available for purchase, you can add it to "Favorite products". You will be notified via email when the product is back in stock. 

3. Go to the "Cart"

You access the cart by clicking on the cart icon or the "Checkout" button, to complete the checkout or to verify the order.

4. Check the order

Check the contents of the order - check the number of the items in the order. Change

quantity: add (+) or remove (-) if you made a mistake in quantity.

5. Choose a delivery method from the given options

6. Specify the delivery address

7. Choose a payment method from the given options

8. Complete the checkout

Click the "Pay for the order" button.

9. Receive a confirmation email regarding the order status.

After the payment is complete, you will receive a confirmation order is accepted and being processed via the email indicated in the order.